Lansbury Marathon Fun Run

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During National School Sports Week all students at Lansbury Bridge took part in our annual Lansbury marathon fun run. We ran in memory of our former Headteacher Jane Grecic. This year we were fortunate to have Rob Pope, The Real life Forest Gump join us. Rob Pope has embarked on an enormous journey, running across the United States to raise both funds and awareness for causes he really believes in - Peace Direct and the World Wildlife Fund.  

He's already crossed the nation FOUR TIMES, running from Mobile, Alabama all the way to Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California.  He turned around and ran even further back across some 18 states to the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Maine.  When he got there, he turned around and kept on running! He then became the first person ever to run across the United States of America three times in a year since completing his third crossing in September 2017.  He's run over 15,000 miles so far and has begun the FIFTH leg of his run.

Mr Mannion met Rob by chance during the Manchester Marathon “Rob was telling his story during our marathon, he really helped me get across the finish line. I knew then he was an inspirational character that the students of Lansbury had to meet.” Mr Mannion went on to say “The story of Forest Gump teaches us we can achieve anything we set our mind on.”

The fun run raised £965.25 a small donation was made to Rob Pope’s charity and the rest split between St Catherine’s Hospice and School fund.

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