Welcome to our Sensory Integration Base

In September 2016 we were proud to open the doors to our new provision, the Sensory Integration Base (S.I.B). The S.I.B provides a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for our pupils. We have a range of approaches to nurture our pupil's developmental, holistic and sensory needs. We implement the S.C.E.R.T.S Framework and have a focus on the importance of play. We incorporate the T.E.A.C.C.H programme and have an intensive interaction approach to our work. We support our pupils with their self regulation, through the Alert programme and have a nurture group approach and a mentoring service within the S.I.B.

If you would like to visit or discuss the S.I.B in more detail please contact Linda Fishwick on 01744 678579 or e-mail linda.fishwick@sthelens.org.uk.

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