Exams and Post 16 Destinations (including KS4 info)

Exam Results

We strive for our pupils to achieve their potential, and offer a number of GCSEs, Entry Level Certificates and ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) for those who are able, alongside awards such as ASDAN and the Duke of Edinburgh (to start this year).  Those sitting Entry Level Exams may go on to do GCSEs at a later date, once they have left Lansbury Bridge.  Others may go on to broaden their knowledge and experience in certain areas, or acquire specific skills.

Each year, we try to offer qualifications based on our pupils' abilities and interests.  We are able to offer GCSEs in English, Maths, Science and PE, and offer Entry Level Certificate in Maths, English, Science and Art.  Each year we offer an ICT qualification, tailored to the ability of our pupils' abilities, and also offer Functional Skills in Maths and English, with the option of Step Up to English too.  These qualifications are all nationally recognised.  They are supplemented by the Duke of Edinburgh programme and ASDAN programmes of study.  

We are extremely proud of all our pupils' achievements - from single ASDAN modules to the full range of the GCSEs we offer, and celebrate these in our Presentation Assembly each year, when we invite our previous cohort back, with their parents, to receive their certificates.  


Post 16 Destinations

We support pupils (and thier families) to choose a suitable placement for their continuing education.  The majority of our pupils go on to Mill Green College, but other options include St Helens College and Carmel College.  We expect that some of our pupils may go on to an Apprenticeship in the future.  Please click on the link below to see where our former pupils have headed to.  They are always invited back to us in the following Autumn Term for a presentation assembly.



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