Resource Committee


Resources Committee -  Terms of Reference Sept 2018


Tom Jackson, Jan Leybourne, Marie Evans, Tony Buckley, Emma Nelson.





Ruth Clarkson, Helen Birkinhead, Cathryn Lewin


Tom Jackson


Carly Almond (Administration Assistant)




At least 3 Governors


At least termly prior to the Full Governing Body meeting




  • To provide guidance and assistance to the Head Teacher and the Governing Body in all matters relating to budgeting and finance.


  • To prepare and review financial policy statements, including consideration of long term planning and resourcing.


  • To consider each year’s annual management plan priorities and present an annual budget to the Governing Body for approval.


  • To monitor the income and expenditure of all public funds (i.e. budget share, and any other funds devolved by the LA, and report the financial situation to the Governing Body each term.


  • To recommend the level of delegation to the Head Teacher for day-to-day financial management of the school as stated in the school financial regulations.


  • To vire funds and other works, if necessary,within limits set by the Governing Body as stated in the school financial regulations.


  • To ensure the audit of non-public funds for presentation to the Governing Body.


  • To receive and where appropriate respond to periodic audit reports of public funds.


  • To ensure secure financial management is in place through the completion of the School’s Financial Value Standard (SFVS)



Human Resources:


  • To consider and recommend to the Governing Body and review as appropriate from time to time policies relating to management of staff, including the school pay and performance management policies.


  • To determine the staffing structure in relation to the School Improvement Plan and curriculum requirements, and in the light of resources available.


  • To monitor and evaluate the staff development programme in relation to curriculum and professional development needs as identified through appraisal procedures and within the context of the School Improvement Plan.


  • To ensure, via the Head Teacher/SBM, that entries in the Single Central Record are maintained and updated as necessary and that the relevant safeguarding checks are undertaken for employees and volunteers.


  • To ensure appropriate monitoring and support arrangements are in place for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs).


  • To deal with applications for permission to engage in outside commitments or additional employment.


  • To consider and make decisions relating to staff leave of absence with or without pay in excess of 3 days.


  • To review the operation of sickness absence procedures and monitor sickness absence and sickness absence pay.


  • To consider and make any initial decisions about matters relating to staff grievance in accordance with adopted procedures.


  • To deal with staff dismissal including dismissal arising from sickness procedures or redundancy procedures.  To consider and make decisions about matters relating to the dismissal of staff, including dismissal arising from redundancy or redundancy arising from ill health or incapacity, which may be referred to the Committee in accordance with any procedures adopted by the Governing Body (taking into account any statutory and LA guidance).


  • To consider and make decisions that could result in the termination of employment of any employee on the grounds of performance capability in accordance with any procedures adopted by the Governing Body.


Pay Review Panel:

3 Governors (minimum) from the Personnel Committee, who are not employed to work at the school, to

         undertake the annual pay review, to decide on matters of pay in accordance with the provisions of the pay policy.


Appointments Delegated Structure:

At least one member of the appointments panel should have undertaken Safer Recruitment Training.


  • To delegate to one Governor and the Head Teacher teaching appointments at Common Pay Spine plus 1 special educational needs allowance and below.
  • To delegate to the Head Teacher the appointment of supply, part-time and temporary teaching posts.
  • To delegate to the Head Teacher the appointment of Teaching Assistants.
  • To delegate to the Head Teacher the appointment of other non-teaching staff.




  • To consider and report back upon such matters as may be delegated or devolved to the Committee by the Governing Body.
  • To ensure there are effective Clerking arrangements in place for the Committee
  • To submit minutes to the full Governing Body.


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